New Music Video from Pawns or Kings

Cover of the Fleet Foxes song “He Doesn’t Know Why”. Brand new, out today, and I’m already a bit in love. Check it out.

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New Releases – 13 November



The Staves : Dead & Born & Grown

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Punch Brothers : Ahoy!

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Sofar Sounds Nashville : September (FIRST SHOW)

Blackfoot Gypsies:

Courtney Jaye:

Foreign Fields:

Levi Weaver:

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Pawns or Kings – Silo Sessions EP

Download here.

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Mumford & Sons Announce New Album, “Babel”


  1. Babel
  2. Whispers In The Dark
  3. I Will Wait
  4. Holland Road
  5. Ghosts That We Knew
  6. Lover Of The Light
  7. Lovers’ Eyes
  8. Reminder
  9. Hopeless Wanderer
  10. Broken Crown
  11. Below My Feet
  12. Not With Haste
Official quote from the M&S website:
“We are more than excited to release Babel into the world. We had started writing new songs well before we got into the studio to record. At first, we peeled ourselves off the road quite reluctantly. We love playing live, obviously, but it had also become an important part of our creative process, we had been writing and rehearsing in soundchecks, and sort of ‘road-testing’ new songs on our very gracious audiences. But then we fell in love with recording again. The album started to come together, and with the help of Markus Dravs once more (and engineer Robin Baynton), we started to relish the challenge of making this album. As a band, we’ve never been closer or more collaborative, all working to our strengths. And so we feel that this record is a natural progression that we’re proud of, and we cannot wait to take it out on the road.”


Release dates:
21 September – Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg,  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
24 September –  UK, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, South America
25 September – USA
TBC – Japan

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Adam Holmes and the Embers

So first off, an apology…specially an apology to Adam and co. This took far longer than I expected it to due to some extreme technological difficulties (i.e. my internet went  out for, what is it now, three weeks?…my bad).  You all are fantastic, so don’t let my issues with technology lead you to believe anything different. 🙂

I have good things to say about every single song, but in the interest of avoiding a rambling review, I’m just going to give the Sparknotes version, especially since this is so late (still my bad). I would like to mention first that my favourite song out of the group is probably Aviemore; it definitely has the beautiful richness that I often look for when dealing with folk music. This is where I’m going to start resisting the urge to ramble, because I could honestly go on for days about that song, but I’m sure none of you are that interested in my scattered analysis.

And here’s the Sparknotes. Must. Resist. Rambling.

Alone We Stand and Follow the Sun are (forgive me for this, because I’m probably going to butcher it completely) folk takes on sixties rock (told you), and I adore them, plain and simple. Every song is extremely strong musically and lyrically, a combination that can be almost impossible to find anymore. Fire in the Sun, besides being stuck in my head all weekend, is beautifully composed and extremely catchy in the most wholesome way possible. I’m not usually a fan of “catchy” songs, so congratulations; you successfully won me over (an almost impossible feat, in case you were wondering). I was wary of Home at first; most songs with that title are either overly cheesy or sickeningly sweet, neither of which this was. This was just the right amount of realistic sweetness, which was definitely a pleasant surprise.

And my internet is starting to go out again, so this is where I’m going to have to cut my rambling short.

Adam, I apologize again. If you don’t completely hate me, I’m always interested in hearing more from you. I think I could honestly write novels about your music (release a full length album and I just might have to..). If you’d like, I’m also willing to write a more detailed version of this when my internet connection/the weather here in Nashville decides to stop interfering with my work schedule. Keep it up, bud. You definitely have something special going for you.

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Communion Shows- 22 April in Oxford and 3 May in Manchester








More shows you should go to.

Communion Oxford, 22 April at the Jericho Tavern. £5 (£6 at the door). Henry Parker, The Fallows, Prita, and a lovely group that I reviewed once (they were given an AMAZING review, fyi) called Joyce the Librarian. Go just for JTL if you need to, just saying. 7:30pm.

Communion Manchester, 3 May at the Ruby Lounge. £5 (£7 at the door). Karima Francis, Charlotte O’Conner, and Lucille. 7:30pm.

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