Hello there, and welcome to the brand new FolkFront. Isn’t she pretty?

More than likely, everyone here came from the tumblr. If that’s you, hi. Thanks for making the jump with me. There’s a lot of potential over here. I promise you’ll like it.

If you’re brand new to FolkFront, hey. My name is Taylor, and I’m a music blogger. This is my freelance music blog, but I write (as my actual job) over at Thank Folk For That. I also do some fun stuff with Communion, so you’ll see quite a bit from them over here. Sorry about that.

Not much is going to change. You’ll see more bloggy-type things over here, though. Gig reviews, album reviews, maybe some interviews… There will still be new music to listen to and news to be announced, so that will stay the same.

I want to make the change as easy as possible for everyone, so there are links ALL over the site to help you get where you’re trying to go. I’m still going to tag posts in the same way I did on the tumblr. There’s also a Blogroll and Category Cloud right over there—> where you can find some other interesting sites and topics faster. Don’t say I never did anything for you guys.

If you’re from the tumblr, you should remember the saying. If you’re new:

When in doubt, stomp it out!


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